BhashaKids Blogs on Language, Multiculturalism & Desi KidLit

Every other Friday BhashaKids interviews people (on IG LIVE) who support South Asian languages. multlicultural families and children's literature.


· Want to raise your kids with Hindi?

· Want to find a Malayalam kids book?

· Want to raise Indian-American mixed race kids in touch with their identities?

· Are you a teacher, looking for tips on teaching English speakers?


You will find resources here to support you on your parenting and teaching journey. Check out our 3 different blogs below.


Featuring interviews with new Desi Kid Lit authors & illustrators breaking the glass ceiling by creating diverse and bilingual stories representative of our South Asian heritage. A couple bilingual books available on our site as well!


Featuring interviews with dynamic language teachers and language learners. Hear about innovative approaches to teaching young kids South Asian languages - this isn't your typical language school anymore! You'll glean some quick and practical tips on how to help your kids learn your language. 


Parenting mixed and multicultural kids requires an sensitivty and awareness that there is no playbook for. It's even harder to relate to our kids when we didn't grow up as mixed ourselves. What does it mean to be Blindian? Or Indian-American? Hear from strategies and tips from experts that can aid in your parenting journey.

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