A Bilingual Hindi Picture Book- Meri Bindi

Meri Bindi (My Bindi) - Hardcover Hindi English Picture Book. 

Excited to announce a new addition to our Hindi language learning collection! A Hindi bilingual picture book!

Do you love bindis? Drop a 👍🏽 in the comments - because this episode is for you!

Meet author and journalist Anu Anand, who published a bilingual Hindi book for kids called “Meri Bindi” in 2016 with Hachette. This book is playfully illustrated by Lavanya Karthik and tells the story of 2 kids using their imaginations and playing with bindis. It is well constructed with repetitive dialog and simple vocabulary, making it an easy bedtime story. The book has Devanagari script, transliteration and translation - making it accessible to all levels of Hindi speakers and easy to support your children’s Hindi language learning journey. 

Meri Bindi is well loved and already has a 5 star rating on BhashaKids as well as GoodReads!

6 tips for teaching your kids Hindi:

✅ Plan and prepare - don’t be passive about teaching your kids your language.

✅ Make time for it everyday - even if its just 10 minutes at the dinner table.

✅ Gather your language resources - bilingual books, learning materials, movies, music, games, etc. Have many different options or as Anita says “Tools in your toolbox”.

✅ Build a community, find a tribe. Kids learn from each other so find a support group of like minded families to help nurture and support each other’s language journeys. Put together a language based playgroup.

✅ Make it natural - kids learn by having fun and through play.

✅ Laugh at the mistakes - it's all part of the learning process.

Anu's bottom line for passing on languages? Plan ahead.

If you really want to give your kids useful skills and push them pass "receptive bilingualism" to productive language - you need to have a family language plan. The who, what, where, when and how of language immersion, teaching techniques, and resources. Passive learning may build familiarity and listening comprehension, but it won't lead to fluency without actively teaching grammar, vocabulary and practice speaking. 


Check out the Meri Bindi Learning Packet: Hindi Classroom Edition


A great compliment to the Bhashakids Hindi Bilingual Collection


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