Small Biz We Love

Below are a few small businesses started by phenomenal women that have all supported BhashaKids in some way. Websites and IG Interviews linked below. 

Invisible India Podcast by Jessica Kumar

A dynamic interviewer and blogger, Jessica Kumar shares her perspective on raising a multicultural family in India. Having become fluent in Hindi over the years, she aims to raise bilingual children, and has some funny stories to share along the way. She's an advocate for South Asians and trains a culturally sensitive lens onto our world. 

KulaVillage by Deepika Pillai

An ethnic marketplace which has become a one stop shop for South Asian decor and gifts. BhashaKids is sold here. 


Language Learning Market by Allison Munroe

Your one stop shop for bilingual learning materials in any language. BhashaKids is sold here. 



Meri Sanskriti Academy by Amruta Panth

Our own kids are taking virtual classes with Meri Sanskriti.  Little A has taken virtual Bharatanatyam since the Summer of 2020. BhashaKids has also worked with Meri Sanskriti to help them develop their curriculum for their Hindi classes (using our materials) as well as their seminal "Heritage 101" class for children and teens. Check out our IG Live conversation here


Dual Nation by Richa Joshi

Podcaster, Entreprenuer, Coach - Richa Joshi is an indomitable force to be reckoned with. Her brand, Dual Nation, promotes pride in one's heritage with a growth mindset. Multiculturalism is the future! Check out our IG Live conversation to learn more about her. 


Peacock & Paisley by Aparna

Creative, handmade crochet cultural toys. Check out the Krishna & Hanuman crochet sets for newborn photo sessions!