Hindi Color Printables - BhashaKids
Hindi Color Printables - BhashaKids
Hindi Color Printables - BhashaKids
Hindi Color Printables - BhashaKids
Hindi Color Printables - BhashaKids

Hindi Color Printables

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Companion Worksheets to BhashaKids Hindi Color Flashcards

Introducing Hindi Color Worksheets! What better companion to our screen-free vocabulary decks than worksheets to practice? It's not just a beautiful coloring sheet on the cover. It's also a tool to help build on learning from the flashcard decks. 

A total of 18 pages, each page builds on a skill and vocabulary used in the previous page. Start with identifying colors, building vocabulary recognition, introduce new words, building up to couplets and then practice phrases. By the end of the packet, with your help, your child will be able to say:

  • "I see a yellow sun"
  • "I have silver bangles"
  • "What color is it?"
  • "My favorite color is ..."
All in Hindi! 


This 18 page packet includes the following exercises:

  • Identify 12 colors & 12 color couplets
  • Mix primary colors to make secondary colors
  • Match colors & couplets to Hindi words & English translation
  • Start Speaking! Build sentences using key verbs and repetitive phrases 
  • Make your own flashcards: Practice speaking common verbs (to be, to have, to see, to like)

BhashaKids products focus on learning verbal skills through simplified phonetic English. The worksheets also introduce Hindi script to start to build familiarity.

    Like all BhashaKids products, they are designed to be used as a family. Our goal is to help empower parents to reinforce language learning at home. The simplified phonetic English is an approximation. For best results, learners should listen to parents or other native/ familiar speakers repeat the vocabulary, to aid in proper emphasis and pronunciation.

    Help build your child's conversational Hindi skills today with BhashaKids.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The images and content contained within are protected by copyright laws are the property of BhashaKids LLC. By downloading any printables, you accept that they are FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. These packets are NOT intended for resale or re-distribution.