Teaching Tips: Chunk It!

How to Teach South Asian Languages


Do you need help teaching your kids a second language? Here’s a simple teaching tip that you can use at home. When teaching through English, use simple phonetics and:

  1. Chunk the word
  2. Build on it
  3. Recall & Repeat
This example is the color RED in TAMIL. 
  1. CHUNK IT: Break the word down phonetically and by syllables. Work on pronunciation of each syllable slowly, then slap the sounds together quickly to get the whole word. 
  2. BUILD ON IT: Once kids have confidence they can say the word, build upon it by adding more vocabulary. The next example is RED CAR. Use the same chunking technique.
  3. RECALL & REPEAT: Have fun here! Quiz them, ask silly questions and play a game. The immediate goal is to build comprehension, working memory and to practice verbal skills by finding fun ways to get them to speak.
Teaching Tips, Bilingual Kids

In the long run, you are creating a special connection with your child through being their teacher. Even if your kids are taking language classes, reinforcing your language at home is an important way to help cement their learning, build memories as a family, and connect them to their heritage. 

For visual and auditory learners  - check out our IG Reel that explains this concept. Follow us on Instagram @bhashakids for more Teaching Tips. 

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