Anuja of Apni Heritage: Be Intentional

Anita interviews new author Dr. Anuja Mohla of @apniheritage on her debut bilingual Hindi picture book, Ek Naya Din (One New Day). Hear the story of how Ek Naya Din went from a concept to an actual book, the challenges and support she had along the way, and why she decided to write a bilingual Hindi book. 

They discuss the challenges and misconceptions of raising a bilingual family. This session is full of tips on how to raise bilingual kids. 

5 Tips for parents on passing on language and culture:

  1. Make a conscious effort. Go beyond simply speaking to your kids to doing so with intention and with a strategy. 
  2. Be consistent, aim for daily practice, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. 
  3. Don’t give up. It may not look like your kids are absorbing the language. They may not immediately speak the language to you. But they are always learning and they will surprise you with what they have learned. 
  4. Make a conscious effort to teach at home, especially for kids ages 0-5. Come up with a structure and a roadmap. Decide what your expectations of fluency will be. 
  5. Are you constantly repeating yourself with your kids? Who isn’t? :-) Why not repeat yourself in your target language? You can even get your partner involved, whether or not they speak the language. 

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