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Tips on Raising a Multilingual and Multicultural Family

Anita & Richa discuss their successes and challenges in raising multilingual and multicultural families. Hear what inspired them to become #mompreneur and their vision for making things easier for other families.

Richa Joshi is a podcaster, a Coach, a diversity advocate and an entrepreneur. Her brand, Dual Nation, asks "Why choose one when you can be both?" Her message is all about multicultural pride and growth mindset. In this interview, Richa shares her own story of being an Indian expat and growing up in several countries before settling down in Australia to raise her kids. She shares what it is like to grow up as a "third culture kid" and "global Indian", learning from her own past to inform her parenting approach. Her main message is to "Be Open". Multiculturalism is ever evolving -what it means to you may not be the same as it means to your children. Be open to them having a different experience. Be open to embracing different traditions and even creating new ones of your own.

Tips you can start using TODAY to pass on your language:
  1. Be consistent.
  2. Start Small: 5 - 10 minutes a Day
  3. Be casual - don't worry about mixing in English, don't need a lesson plan
  4. Pick a time to do immersion - for example, over dinner. Teach with food.
  5. Use flashcards to help memory recall
  6. Set goals - master a set of vocabulary, start building small sentences, etc.
  7. Focus on the process - not on the outcome. Your kids will make their own choices as to what language they speak. But you can lay a solid foundation.
  8. Have fun and connect with your child!
  9. Keep an open mind.
  10.  Don't forget - kids learn through play 

Check out “Same, Same but Different”, Richa’s new podcast.



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