Amruta Panth of Meri Sanskriti: Find your "inner Indian"

Anita and Amruta have a lively discussion as they discuss the challenges of growing up Indian in America. Hear how they are now both working to make passing language and culture to the next generation easier for parents. You will learn what inspired Amruta to start a cultural academy for young kids and her unique spin on helping young kids navigate their connection with their Indian heritage. 

Tips for Parents:
  1. Recognize that what came easily to you as a kid - Indian culture, Indian identity, and mother tongue - may not be as easy for a kid growing up outside of India. 
  2. Learning a heritage language carries an emotional aspect to it. Kids are afraid of judgement and of making mistakes and conflating it with “not being a good Indian”. 
  3. Create a space for kids to learn heritage and language that is “emotionally safe”. 
  4. Help kids understand it's OK to make mistakes. Focus on creating a growth mindset.
  5. Don’t make fun of accents - it's a sign of courage to learn another language. 
  6. When passing on a tradition or a ritual, make sure to “pass on the WHY”. If it doesn’t make sense why they are doing it, they won’t embrace or continue it. 
  7. Think about the aspects of your culture and language that you enjoy, and the lesson will come more easily for you. 
  8. Make culture and language fun, make it something they would want to be part of. Kids learn through play!

Amruta Panth is a choreographer, actress, a teacher and a cultural enthusiast! She relocated to India during the pandemic to marry Param Pandya, a heritage scholar and tour leader. Together they have a vision to bring Indian culture and history to the world. Multilingual herself, Amruta is now learning Gujarati on top of Hindi, Tamil and Marathi. Param and Amruta's seminal class, Indian Heritage 101, is designed for kids ages 5-13 to help them learn all about India and what being Indian means to them. 

Help your kids “find their Inner Indian.” Meri Sanskriti Academy is now open for enrollment. Virtual classes in Art, Hindi, Bharatanatyam, Bollywood Dance, Youth Leadership and Heritage 101 are available. MS Academy Hindi classes use BhashaKids learning materials! In person social meetups to be arranged for those in the DC metro vicinity. 


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