Kay B Publishing: "Reach for the Stars Like Kalpana"

Anita interviews author Karishma Bathla of @littlekidsbiglessons about her 3rd biography for kids - a book about astronaut Kalpana Chawla. We discuss her unique project - highlighting a virtue and a role model. So far she has written about:

1️⃣ Perseverance with Kalpana Chawla
2️⃣ Curiosity with Jeff Bezos
3️⃣ Compassion & Kindness with Ellen Degeneres

Hear what led her to take on this project, how she went from concept and design to final product, and why representation matters and South Asian role models.

Find all these books on Amazon. They will make great holiday gifts for friends as well as your local libraries. @littlekidsbiglessons is also using the holiday gift giving season to fundraise for 2 literary nonprofits: Hindi’s Libraries and Sophia’s Bookstand who help to bring books to needy kids. DM her to purchase a signed copy of the book and she will donate 20% to each of these charities.

Karishma’s tips for passing on language and culture:

🚀Surround your family with other native speakers who are interested in speaking around and to your kids in that target language

🚀Get help from elders

🚀Build your own community/ build your tribe. It helps for your kids to be around kids that look like them, dress like them, celebrate the same holidays and eat the same foods.

🚀Create opportunities that necessitates speech in the target language. This is the best way to build expressive language aka verbal fluency skills. If you want to move past simply understanding the language to speaking it, you’ve got to practice it.
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