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BhashaKids Language Interviews


Thank YOU for visiting our website and checking out our blog. We aim to produce content that empowers parents, makes language learning easier and grows multilingual resources. When I grew up in the US in the 70s/80s/90s, there were not a lot of options to learn my heritage language - Malayalam. You learned it from the Church or participating in Kerala Samajam. There weren't really classes to take and my parents eventually gave up on me learning the language. 

Today it's a very different scene. Social media has given us a plethora of resources:

  • You can watch cartoons, movies and shows in multiple languages through streaming services like Hotstar or Netflix.
  • There are whole communities with cultural academies, language schools, and religious organizations where you can immerse your family.
  • There are fun Instagram accounts that teach a word a day.
  • There are fantastic YouTubers who post amazing videos on pronunciation, grammar and cultural references. 
  • There are mompreneurs who are making the products we wished we had - Montessori inspired writing aids, bilingual books, and of course our vocabulary flashcards and printables. 

I've set out to get to know those active in the world of South Asian language advancement - both from a teaching and learning aspect. We have six interviews which can be found on our IGTV account @bhashakids. Stay tuned for some write ups with tips gleaned from these learners and experts that are sure to be useful to you as you consider ways to pass your language and culture down to the next generation. You don't have to do all the research  - that's what BhashaKids is for! 

Stay tuned! More to come. 


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