Kiran of Madam Hindi: Teaching Parents to Teach Hindi


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Listen in as Anita and Kiran share the challenges of raising a multilingual family and discuss creating different approaches to teaching Desi languages. You’ll also hear a Top 3 Hindi movie recommendation for kids! 

Kiran started Madam Hindi as an effort to create a different approach to teaching Hindi. Although she’s spoken Hindi all her life, her fluency level is spoken vs reading and writing. After enrolling her 5 year old son in a Hindi course that met for an entire hour, and only once a week, she realized it wasn’t going to work. She decided to try and teach her kids on her own, and Madam Hindi was born. 

Currently she provides 4 free starter resources, as well as a 3 month structured framework aimed at helping parents teach their kids Hindi. In her experience, the key to learning any language is consistency and repetition. 

6 Tips for Parents Teaching Kids Hindi:

  1. First and foremost, decide on your goal. What do you want to achieve? How do you define fluency?
  2. What is actually achievable given your resources and time?
  3. Consistency is Key. 10 minutes of focused daily effort will bear more results than a 1 hour class a week. 
  4. Review and repeat, over and over. 
  5. Make Learning Fun! Play games with your kids. 
  6. Watch lots of movies! Not just a great language input, but also a great way to expose kids to Desi culture. 

Kiran's Top 3 Hindi Movies for Kids to watch:

  1. Chillar Party
  2. 3 Idiots 
  3. Mission Mangal

Anita also recommends these Hindi movies for kids: 

  1. I Am Kalam
  2. The Blue Umbrella
  3. Taare Zameen Par
  4. Dhamaal (just forward past the intro music video)

Parting Words of Wisdom:

When it comes to teaching your kids, “Jaane Do” whatever is holding you back, and just be “Aaram Se” and have fun learning with your kids. (Clearly, Hindi is not Anita’s primary language.)

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