Sachin of Easy Malayalam: Build a Tiny Habit

Our first interview! Anita @BhashaKids and Sachin, a Malayalam tutor and content creator @easymalayalam, discuss on how to teach and learn Malayalam. Sachin relocated from Kerala, India to Germany a few years ago. In his efforts to become fluent in German, he realized there weren't really a lot of resources for adult learners of Malayalam. Armed with the lessons learned from his own polyglot journey, Sachin set out to create fun and unique content in his own witty way. In this conversation you will learn:

  • how to pronounce the dreaded retroflex sound zha ഴ
  • common pitfalls to language learning
  • tips and tricks to learning Malayalam

Sachin referred to "Atomic Habits" by James Clear as a text that was influential in his approach to becoming a polyglot. He advises to start small, by committing to  that "one tiny habit" that you can consistently do an a daily basis. That will build your confidence and stamina to broaden and deepen your language practice. 

Sachin’s tips for learning Malayalam:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Aim for building long term memory: flashcards help solidify memory recall
  3. Set these minimal goals, you can always increase later:
  • Learn 2-3 words a week,
  • make flashcards & practice once a week,
  • try to talk at every opportunity and
  • finally do active and passive listening.
  • Start simple: Aim for 5-10 minutes of practice a day. 
  • Build up to literacy and reading. Immerse yourself in multiple ways: through podcasts, videos, movies, literature, etc. 
  • Be consistent!!!

You can find more Malayalam resources on Sachin's website:

For better goal setting for all levels of language learning -> WATCH THIS 30 minute video.  

The Power of Setting Goals for Language Learning by Lydia Machova.

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