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Dr. Anita and Learning a Heritage Language: It's not just Academic

Photo credit: @prajwalxavier BhashaKids explores heritage language loss and how to relearn your mother tongue as an adult. The 2 Anitas recount stories from their past, discuss how it was difficult to learn Malayalam growing up in the US, and their efforts to relearn their heritage language as adults. This session is useful not just to adults trying to relearn their language, but also to parents trying to raise their kids as bilinguals and teach their children languages. You will learn:  The difference between learning a language and learning a heritage language.  Challenges to learning a heritage language as kids.  Resources that are available today to help Malayalam learners. (That weren’t there when we were growing up!) Why kids are great...

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Amruta Panth of Meri Sanskriti: Find your "inner Indian"

Anita and Amruta have a lively discussion as they discuss the challenges of growing up Indian in America. Hear how they are now both working to make passing language and culture to the next generation easier for parents. You will learn what inspired Amruta to start a cultural academy for young kids and her unique spin on helping young kids navigate their connection with their Indian heritage.  Tips for Parents: Recognize that what came easily to you as a kid - Indian culture, Indian identity, and mother tongue - may not be as easy for a kid growing up outside of India.  Learning a heritage language carries an emotional aspect to it. Kids are afraid of judgement and of making...

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Normalize Multilingualism

“The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher World Multilingualism Day also known as the International Day of Multilingualism is now celebrated annually on March 28th. Wait, that’s a thing? Well, yes it is, but don’t worry, you aren’t behind the times. It’s new, started in 2019, just 2 years ago, by Dr. Thomas H. Bak and a group of enthusiastic polyglots. Dr. Thomas Bak is a cognitive neuroscientist who studies the impacts of language learning, in particular bilingualism and multilingualism, on the brain and its impacts on aging. They chose March 27th because this is the date engraved on the Rosetta Stone.  Did you know that more than half the world’s population speaks...

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