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5 Phases of Language Learning

Celebrating The Bilingual Child Month with a post about language learning phases and ages.  Is your child speaking on time? Have you been wondering if your child is reading too late? Writing too early? When teaching our kids South Asian heritage languages, it's easy to fall into a comparison trap - with our families back home, with other Desi families in your adopted country, and even with our own kids’ English language abilities. 3 tips for keeping the peace while raising a bilingual family: First: Stop comparing!  Second:  Don’t listen to misinformation and get the facts.  Third: Manage your expectations. 5 stages of language learning*: Listening comprehension: Start at birth. Start before birth! Babies are listening and building neural pathways to...

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Teaching Tips: Chunk It!

Do you need help teaching your kids a second language? Here’s a simple teaching tip that you can use at home. When teaching through English, use simple phonetics and: Chunk the word Build on it Recall & Repeat This example is the color RED in TAMIL.  CHUNK IT: Break the word down phonetically and by syllables. Work on pronunciation of each syllable slowly, then slap the sounds together quickly to get the whole word.  BUILD ON IT: Once kids have confidence they can say the word, build upon it by adding more vocabulary. The next example is RED CAR. Use the same chunking technique. RECALL & REPEAT: Have fun here! Quiz them, ask silly questions and play a game. The...

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